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We will help you choose the most appropriate "bomboniera" for your wedding, which literally means "little box of sweets".

We can offer "bomboniere" in Silver, pottery, crystal, etc.

It is the attention to detail which makes a splendid wedding an unforgettable event, and that is just what we will help you to do. Your guests will remain impressed by the attention given to every particular  and your "bomboniera" will be a pleasant reminder of the magic of the Amalfitan Coast.

The ancient tradition of giving all the guests a little gift to remind them of the wedding day began as a symbol of sharing the good luck of that day.

There must be five sugared almonds and a little card with the christian names of the bride and groom. The five sugared almonds are the symbols of health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life.

It was an old custom to share the good luck of the wedding day with all the guests by giving them some of the food to take home. It is from this custom that the tradition of a gift for the guests derives and consequently, the creation of more and more elaborate receptables brimming over with choice delicacies.

The first "bomboniere", (from the French bon-bon, small sweet) date from the end of the sixteenth century and were genuine works of art in miniature: in gold, semi-precious stones, crystal and enamel. The contents, small cakes, were also very precious since sugar was extremely expensive: it was imported from the "Indies" as soon as it was discovered. The less wealthy used to give the guests a little bag made of perforated paper or cloth with little cakes inside as a good luck charm.

The sugared almond, always present in all "bomboniere" and at every wedding, is so ancient that its origins are still the subject of research. It is known that its roots are to be found in the traditions and history of Italy. Walnuts and pine nuts covered with honey were thrown by the ancient Romans on the occasion of births and weddings. Those which we use today are usually hard, containing chocolate or an "Avola" almond which is the best quality. There are also many delicious variations on the classsic version of sugared almonds; with rosolio, rum, whisky, lemon liqueur, hazelnut and nut brittle centres.

The choice of the "bomboniere" is very personal and there are no limits to the style, materials and dimensions, there is also  the complete freedom to choose them all the same or of different types; the important thing is that they are all packaged in the same style. The little pocket must contain a card with the christian names of the bride and groom and must contain the five sugared almonds.

There is no need to worry; the Lampada di Aladino will help you to choose just the right one for your wedding.

When should the "bomboniere" be delivered?

Even if the custom today is to give them on the day of the wedding, etiquette requires them to be sent twenty days after the wedding.

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