The wedding etiquette establishes exactly which duties are required from each member of the wedding party, and particular those duties regarding the reception.

The Bride and Groom :

  • Receive the guests together with the Bride's mother.
  • Preside at the head of the Bride's table.
  • Pass round all the tables to greet and converse with all the guests.
  • Cut the cake.
  • Remain seated to receive the toast of congratulations and good luck.
  • Distribute the sugared almonds.
  • Begin the dancing.
  • Yes for a gown with the back intricately detailed since the Bride will be seen from behind
    during the entire ceremony.
  • Yes for a hint of sun-tan in summer, but No for an exaggerated effect.
  • Yes for gloves, veil and stole, to be removed during the refreshments.
  • Yes for transparent or slightly pearled nail polish.
  • No claw-like red painted nails.
  • Yes for small, precious accessories: pearl or diamond earrings are acceptable.
  • No ring or pendent earrings.
  • Yes The Bride's hands should be free of rings to allow the wedding ring to be admired.
    The Bride may wish to wear her engagement ring on her right hand durind the reception.
  • Yes for a string of very fine pearls or a necklace in white gold and diamonds.
  • No gloves during the ceremony. They should be placed on a kneeler in church or on a chair
    in the Registry Office.
  • No to a wedding dress with a low neck-line.
  • No to a handbag during the ceremony.
  • No spectacles. Disposable contact lenses would be an excellent substitute even for just
    one day. Start wearing them a few weeks before the ceremony.
  • No very high heels. Remember that the bride will on her feet all day.
  • No very long drapes and veils if there are no bridesmaids.
  • No veils in the Registry Office

If the parents are divorced :

Invitations :

Both parents should be invited to the wedding together with their second husband or wife if they have re-married

Ceremony :

The parents of the Bride and Groom, even when they have re-married, sit together in the front row. The second husband or wife sits next to them if their relationship permits, otherwise they take a place in the first row available for friends.

Renouncement :

Even if it is very rare, it may happen that after having sent out the invitations the couple decide not to go through with the marriage. In these circumstances, good manners require that the news be communicated by fax, telephone or telegram with a very concise, succinct message (like those used by Royal families): the wedding has been postponed for the time being to a date yet to be dicided. Naturally, all gifts which have already been received must be returned, first and foremost, the engagement ring. in the case of an unexpected bereavement a few days before the wedding, it should be made known that the reception will no longer take place and that the ceremony will take place in private. The gifts received in this case need not be returned.

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