The language of flowers

Acacia : Sincere friendship, pure love, secret love.

White Acacia : Platonic love, pure love, friendship

Amaryllis : Prayer, timidity, splendid beauty, pride

Anemone : Abandon, betrayed love, simplicity of sentiments, levity.

Aquilegia : Folly.

Arbutus : I love only you

Aspodelus : I am very sorry

Aster : Suspicion, doubt

Azalea : Temperance, sincerity, timidity in love, the joy of love

Balsamina : Will you be my love?

Bay : Glory, ambition, triumph, aphrodisiac

Begonia : Be careful!

Bergamot : Pure love

Apple blossom : Preference

Cherry blossom : Good manners

Orange blossom : Virginity, fertility, purity, innocence, eternal love, marriage and faith fulness

Peach blossom : Courtesy, undying love

Broom : Luminosity, splendour, cleanliness

Camelia : Costance, admiration, gratitude, meet again, grace, esteem, find oneself

Campanula : Caresses, kisses

Capelvenere : Discretion

Carnation : Deep, pure love, do not forget, alive love, denial

White carnation : Purity, faithful disposition

Yellow carnation : Unworthiness, elegance

Pink carnation : Friendship, faithfulness, reciprocal love, I will never forget you

Red carnation : Lively love, energy, a broken heart which bleeds for love

Dark red carnation : Faithfulness, horror

Variegated carnation : Trust me, refusal

Chrysanthemum : You are a wonderful friend, disheartened, in Italy it is used for deaths, in China it is given to the bride, in Japan it means a declaration of love, in England it is used for births

Red Chrysanthemum : Love

White Chrysanthemum : Truth

Cistus : Consense, success, popularity

Clivia : Appointment

Clematis : Contrivance

Cockscomb : Immortality, indifference

Convolvus : Flirt

Cornflower : Light, purity of sentiments, first love, clarity, delicacy

Crocus : Restlessness, youthful joy, strength, energy

Cyclamin : Unpretentious love, simplicity, difference, beauty, jealousy, lasting sentiments, solitude, resignation and farewell

Single Dahlia : Recognition, good taste, novelty, dignity and elegance

Double Dahlia : Instability

Dandelion : Prophecy, faithfulness

Datura : Hypocracy

Daisey : Levity, inanity

Daisy : Exchange of sentiments, hope

Ears of corn : Abundance, prosperity, wealth, fortune

Edelweiss : Nobilty and a good soul, courage

Elder : Betrayal

Erica : Solitude, fortune

Fern : Mistery, sincerity

Flowering Mytle : Betrayed love

Forget-me-not : Eternal love, sentimental commitment, everlasting love

Foxglove : Lies, falseness

Frescia : Platonic love

Fucsia : Frugality, cordiality

Gardenia : Sincerity, friendship, (for a man: friendship for her but without love), secret, undeclared love

Garland of flowers : Love chain

Gentian : Contempt, pain

Geranium : Well-being, esteem melancholy, presumption, stupidity, I prefer you

Pink geranium : Languidness

Gladiolus : Indifference, diffidence, character, respect, appointment

Hawthorn : Sweet hope, prudence

Hibiscus : Delicate beauty, courtship

Holly : Abundance, fecundity, defence, strenght, resistance, eternity, happiness in the family

Hollyhock : Fecondity

Hood flower : Levity

Hyacinth : Ardent love, entertainment, games, grace, sweetness, provoke benevolence, constancy

Hydrangea : Capricious, dispsassionate, negligence

Iris : A message, good news  

Ivy : Affection, everlasting faithfulness, exclusive love, deep friendship, tenderness

Jasmin : Pleasure, attraction, luck, money, amiable character, lovable, timidity kindness, the name means displeasure over lies which a person might tell

White jasmin : Grace, sensuality, amiability

Yellow jasmin : Amiability, kindness, candour, elegance

Jonquil : Desire

Kockia : Declaration of war

Laural : Success, glory, triumph, aphrodisiac

Lavanda : My only happiness in the memory of you, diffidence, distrust, good luck

Lemon verbena : Capricious

Lilac : Growing love, for the first time

White lilac : Youthfulness, childhood, innocence, emotions of love, reluctance

Purple lilac : The first throbs of love, suspicion

Linden tree : Married bliss

Lily : Purity, majesty, youthful innocence, innocence, virginity, candour, greatness, it is given for a birth, or religious event, baptism, communion, wedding

Lily of the valley : Virginity, flirtations, return of happiness

Arum lily : Absolute beauty, finesse

Pink lily : Vanity

White lily : Purity and innocence

Yellow lily : Nobilty, greatness

Magnolia : Superb beauty, modesty, goodness, do not trust me

Margarite : Innocence, freshness, spontaneity, goodness, greatness, faithfulness, transparency of behaviour, compliment to beauty, purity, timidity, modesty, simplicity, I'll think it over

White margarite : Innocence

Marigold : Sacred affection

Marigold : Displeasure, jealousy, pangs of love, cruelty

Mignonette : Sweetness, enjoyment

Mimosa : Innocence, modesty, liberty, autonomy, sensibility

Mimosa pudica : Esteem, sensitivity

Yellow mimosa : Esteem

Pink mimosa : Appreciation for the sensitivity of a person

Misletoe : Fortune, happiness, overcoming obstacles, goals reached, difficulties overcome, victory

Mordigallina : Appointment

Morning glory : Lost hope, obscurity

Mugwort : Serenity, happiness, health

Myosotis : Memories;

Narcisus : Self-centred, pleasant love

Nasturtion : Ardent love

Oak : Hospitality

Orange : Fecundity

Orange flower : Virginity, fecundity, purity innocence, eternal love, matrimony and faithfulness

Orchid : Finesse, sensuality, sensual beauty, ardour, commitment

Palm : Victory

Passionflower : Trust, religion, faith

Peony : Timidity, shame

Periwinkle : Lasting love, sweet memories

Petunia : Difficulties

Poinsettia : Good omen, youthfulness, renewal

Polyanthes tuberosa : indifference, illicit requests, voluptuou expression, pleasure of the senses

Pomegranate : Inconsiderate

Popinac : Candor

Poppy : Slowness, doubt, surprise, consolation, rest, eccentricity

White poppy : Sleep, misfortune

Pink poppy : Serenity, vivaciousness

Red poppy : Pride, eccentricity

Primula : Youthfulness, first love. hope melancholy, credulity

Ranunculus : Attractive charm, danger

Rhododendrom : First declaration of love

Rose : Love, beauty, sweetness, glory

Coral pink rose : Desire

Dog rose : Poetic gift, pleasure and sufferance

Peach pink rose : Secret love

Orange rose : Fascination

White rose : Pure spiritual love, pure sentiments, candour, innocence, faithfulness, silence, you are an angel

White rose bud : I am too young to love

Wild rose : Simplicity

Yellow rose : Jealousy, faithfulness, refusal of love, hopeful of love, love which is over, love which is petering out, shame

Pink rose : Friendship, affection, engagements, grace and kindness, freshness, tenderness.

Pale pink rose : Joy

Dark pink rose : Gratitude;

Red rose : Passionate love, burning love, passion

Coral red rose : The desire of those who are in love

Red and white roses : Unity (for a close couple)

Tea rose : Kindness

Rose-bay : Boldness

Rosemary : Fecundity, consolation

Blue Sage : I appreciate your qualities

Golden Sage : Saleability

Red Sage : Ambition

Salvia splendens : Esteem

Snake's head : Persecution

Snowdrop : Consolation

Strelizia : Nobilty and majesty, turbulence

St. John's wort : Originality

Sunflower : Devotion, adoring love, unhappy love, false glamour or richness

Tulip : abundance, perfect love, declaration of love, inconstancy, honesty, love messages

Yellow tulip : Desperate love

Red tulip : Declaration of love;

Variegated tulip : Your eyes are splendid

Verbena : Sincerity

Viola : memories, thoughts, thoughts of love, always in my thoughts

Violet : Purity, timidity, modesty, humilty, simplicity, honesty, faithfulness, candour

Parfumed violet : Modesty and demureness

Wallflower : Elegance, compassion, fickleness

Yellow wallflower : Disdain

Waterlily : Eloquence, dispassionate, elegant, aloof love

Wisteria : Tender, dis-interested friendship

Zinnia : Simplicity, spiritual greatness, flirtation, incostancy, I bewail your absence

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