Vietri sul mare

The origins of Vietri sul Mare, are referable to the Etruscal city of Marcina, quoted by Strabone;  among the archaeological finds graves are signed with ceramic outfit of the VI sec. a.C., Roman thermal baths.

For Vietri sul Mare the yearning beauty of the place and the landscape has made to rise romantic legends on the place and on its origins.

The myth tells that Giasone with its fifty Argonauts who wandered in search of the gold Fleece, were hurled on these beaches from the angry strength of Eolo.

Fallen in love with this shore, Giasone founded Marcina and built a temple devoted to Hera Argiva.

An ancient legend tells that the two stately rock-cliffs would have been set offshore by Poseidone, the Greek God of the sea, in testimony of two shepherd brothers who immolated them to save a splendid young girl from the fury of the sea.

A part the suggestion of these ancient histories they were the picked position and easily defensible and the abundance of waters to convince the Etruschis to stay themselves in this breast;  founded by the Tirrenis or Etruschi as outpost for their commerces, occupied by the Sannitis, lived by the Romans the ancient Marcina it was situated where today the Marina of Vietri is.

For wealth, elegance and luxury, Marcina, classical ancestress of Vietri sul Mare, was famous in the antiquity for the cult of the arts and the development of the maritime commerce and earthling with the ancient Nuceria Alfaterna (Nocera Inferiore).

The ancient Marcina was destroyed by vandal hordes of Genserico around the 455 d.C., because of floods or seaquakes what destroyed good part of Amalfi. The marcinesis survivors went up again in the hinterland sheltering themselves in the caves of the Metelliana Valley where they founded the city of “Cava dei Tirreni”.

Many of them, however, established them in the area of the mountain St. Liberator.

In the Middle Ages it assumed the denomination of Veteri (ancient city), from devines Vietri;  it belonged to the city of Cava dei Tirreni, one of the most industrious realities of the Midday.

After the second world war, with the change of the society and the collapse of certain entrepreneurial activities, Vietri sul Mare organized more and more its economic programs on tourism and ceramics, so that today it is a very popular  vivacious tourist center.

Thanks to its magnificent position, to the ample beach of Marina of Vietri, to the hilly suburbs and finally to the presence of modern receptive structures, today Vietri on the Sea can be considered to be among the most known tourist places of Italy able to offer tourism of quality.

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