Famous Historical Couples

Weddings have always played an important role throughout the ages, and this was the case in ancient Egypt for the marriage of Amenofi IV and Nefertiti. When they died , their tomb was painted with beautiful scenes from their life together.

It was also in Egypt that the great love story of Queen Cleopatra and Marco Antonio began; at the time when Roman supremacy was in its early days. There was no wedding but plenty of passion between the two lovers,their story is world famous and has always fascinated us, so much that films have been made on the subject. The actors who interpreted the parts of the famous couple became just as famous for their own very stormy marriage: Elisabeth Taylor e Richard Burton, in real life married and divorced more than once.

In India, one of the oldest and most famous monuments is associated with the marriage between the the Emperor Shan Jahan and Arjumand Banu Bagam. The great love between the couple is witnessed by the inscription and decorations engraved on the Tai Mahal. The monument is almost 75 metres high and took 20.000 men 20 years to build: true love never dies…!

Paintings and scenes from weddings which date from the Roman period have been found in the ruins of Pompei, and in particular, the beautiful portrait of a famous couple of that time who were married in the First century A.D.

Carlo Magno married the daughter of the Lombard King , the beautiful Ermengarda, with a celebration in great style.

Lorenzo il Magnifico married in the summer of 1469 the beautiful Clarice Orsini, in Florence; the wedding was spectacular to say the least! Even in those days weddings were sumptuous occasions for those who could afford it…

The famous and equally evil, King Henry VIII, had 6 wives, and all of whom came to a stickly end. The King wanted a son at all costs, from his wife Catherine of Aragon; the son did not arrive and so he obtained a divorce after proclaiming himself head of the Anglican Church (in place of the Pope who would not concede the divorce!). He then married Anna Bolena, but she did not give him the son that he so badly wanted either. He married Jane Seymour, who finally gave birth to a son (Edward), who died at birth. Those poor women! Henry VIII, in those days they did not know that the sex of the child depends entirely on the father.....So it was his "fault" if his wives did not give birth to male children!

Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Massimiliano I, married the daughter of King Charles the Temerario, Maria di Borgogna (1477). The cunning Emperor, who was also King of the Normans, based his expansion policy on well arranged marriages: his own and those of his family! In fact, the Asbergs dominated half the world thanks to the ingenuity of Massimiliano, who married his son, Filippo to Giovanna of Spain, and then his nephew Ferdinando to the daughter of King Ladislao II.

The King of France Luigi XVI and his wife Maria Antonietta were publically guillotined during the French Revolution. They lived in the utmost luxury at Versailles.

Napoleone Bonaparte married Giuseppina in March 1796; he was deeply in love with his wife who was six years older than him. When Napoleone went away to war his wife betrayed him but he always forgave her!

The marriage between the Austrian Emperor Francesco Giuseppe and Princess “Sissi”, whose real name was Elizabeth of Baviera, is famous. She was much loved by the people for her decidedly unconventional behaviour. Unfortunately, the Emperor was assassinated for political reason by an Italian anarchist thus targically ending this love story.

It was a great love story between Giuseppe Garibaldi and Anita, who met in 1839 in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, but they were not able to marry until 1842. When they returned to Italy they fought side by side for their ideals until a few years later, in 1849 in Ravenna, Anita died of a fever in the arms of her much loved hero of "two worlds".

Famous historic couples-Queen Elizabeth of England and Philip MountbattenOn 20th November 1947 Queen Elizabeth of England and Philip Mountbatten were married. The Queen's wedding gown was designed by Hartnell, the most important of the London stylists, and it was decorated with 10.000 pearls. For the veil alone, 100 miles of silk thread were needed. Before the marriage, Philip declared:"I shall never be just a Prince in the shadow of the throne".

Famous historic couples-Edward and Wallis SimpsonEngland, immense love between King George V's son Edward, and the American Wallis Simpson, to which the Royal family was opposed. Edward became King after the death of his father, he was in love and wanted to marry Wallis who was divorced. This was unacceptable and the wedding was not permitted: this was in 1936. Despite the prohibitions, the love story continued and also the couple's intention to marry. Nothing could be done! In December 1936 King Edward V abdicated and his brother Duke of York, became King. Finally, Edward became Duke of Windsor, married Wallis, and the couple went abroad in search of a quieter life. The bridal gown was made of blue crepe, long and tight as was the fashion at the time. The Civic ceremony was a very intimate affair, with only sixteen guests. The bride's trousseau was lavish: 66 trunks of clothes and accessories all with Chanel or Schiapparelli labels.

Famous historic couples-Prince Umberto of         Savoia and Princess Maria Josè of Belgium January 8th 1930 was the wedding date of the last of the Italian rulers, the Prince Umberto of Savoia and the Princess Maria Josè of Belgium. It was a greatly important event in an Italy which wanted to be imperial, which believed in new principless and a glorious future. The unforgettable ceremony officiated in the Paolina Cappella, inside Quirinale Palace, which had been completely transformed for the occasion according to the Queen's wishes. Millions of people saw the wedding, the guests made their entrance in great style, dressed in the most sumptuous attire. Everyone who counted at that time was present. The bride wore a white dress with a seven metre long cloak embroidered with white gold. Her jewels and tiara were priceless....it was a real fairy tale! An interesting particular is that it was Prince Umberto himself who designed the gown for Maria Josè. Everything was perfect, the solemn ceremony took place and the congregation was moved when the couple exchanged rings and the Pope gave them his blessing. Then the happy couple appeared on the balcony to greet the cheering crowds amid a flock of white doves which took to the air.

Back to England, in 1933 theDuke of York, Albert, married Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, Queen's Elizabeth'mother. Much loved by everyone, the Queen Mother loathed her sister-in-law, Wallis Simpson, because according to the gossips, she herself was in love with Edward.....just like in a tele-film.

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