Famous Couples of the Present


Famous Couples-JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY E JAQUELINE LEE BOUVIERThe much loved American President first met Jaqueline in 1951 at a party; two years later he asked her to marry him and she accepted. The wedding took place on 12th September, 1953 at New Port, in St. Mary’s church which was decorated in grand style for the occasion. The fairy tale atmosphere, the bridal couple glamorous and radiant, the giving and receiving of the rings (of priceless value!), countless guests…everything was perfect! After the celebrations John and Jaqueline spent the night in New York, at the Waldorf Astoria and then left for their honeymoon in Acapulco

We all know how it ended: tragically, Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas in 1963 in a terrorist attack while he was seated at his wife’s side in the presidential car. The years with Jaqueline were the subject of much gossip and the newspapers dedicated ample space to the famous couple’s love life. However, the sad epilogue and the President’s death aroused the compassion of the entire world.


Famous Couples-RANIERI DI MONACO E GRACE KELLYThe fairy tale of the century: in 1955 the beautiful American actress, Grace Kelly, was on the Côte d’Azur making the Hitchcock film, “To Catch a Thief”: it was then that she met Prince Ranieri of Monaco: it was love at first sight! They were married on 18th April 1956 in the cathedral of the Principality, everything was set for the most wonderful love story. There was a firm bond between Ranieri and Grace, the couple had three children : Caroline, Stefanie and Alberto. Unfortunately, the story ended tragically in the ’80s, when Grace died in a road accident. Her memory will remain alive forever in the Principality because the beautiful Princess Grace was loved so much by the people.


Famous Couples-PRINCE CHARLES AND LADY DIANA SPENCERPrince Charles of England, eldest son of Queen Elizabeth, married the fascinating Lady Diana Spencer on 29th July 1981. the wedding gown was white and strictly made in England, in silk taffeta (10 petticoats and a veil seven 7 mts. long and studded with mother of pearl sequins.) the girl who found the way to the Prince’s heart was beautiful and unassuming, very young and from a first rate family. The wedding was unforgettable, like a fairy tale as one can imagine. The bride and groom were touched, radiant, glamorous. But all that glitters is not gold, and Royal families are no exception! The misunderstandings and disagreements between husband and wife soon began despite the birth of two sons. Prince Charles, who was in any case still in love with Camilla Parker Bowles, betrayed his wife; Diana, naturally, felt humiliated and looked elsewhere for the love and affection which she lacked in her marriage. The situation was not at all easy and, as was predictable, soon finished in divorce. The worst possible fate was in store for the unfortunate Diana, who, as everyone knows, died tragically together with her loved one, Dodi Al Fayed.


Famous Couples-PRINCE ANDREW AND SARAH FERGUSONA fairy tale wedding for Prince Andrew of England and ” the red “ Sarah Ferguson, on 23rd July 1986. The second son of Queen Elizabeth married Sarah in an unforgettable setting, naturally, the young couple were radiant and glamorous. The bridal gown was cream and the five tier cake represented Sunflowers by Van Gogh, a winged Pegasus and Westminster Abbey. Unfortunately, the marriage ended 1992, because of the constant disagreements between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law; Sarah in fact, never adapted to the rigid protocol of the Royal House. Two children were born from the union between Andrew and Sarah and despite the divorce, the couple have remained on good terms, in the interest of the children.


Famous Couples-NARUHITO OF JAPAN AND MASAKO OWADAA fairy tale wedding for the Japanese Prince, Naruhito, and the lovely Masako Owada, on 9th June 1993. The wedding attire of the bride is particularly interesting: it consisted of 12 different kimonos which weighed a total of 12 Kg. Her make-up was very heavy with white powder and her hair was tied and treated with oil of camellia. After the ceremony Shintoist Masako wore a white dress and adiamond tiara. In Japan the monarchy has always been very reserved but this wedding, although fully respecting tradition, had some moments which were strongly inspired by the occident. The young and cultured bride is a manager with more than one degree and who speaks five languages. After the wedding, however, little has been heard of Masako and Naruhito: the tradition requires, (or at least advises,) the strictest privacy – and obviously the couple respect this.


Famous Couples-PRINCE PAUL OF GREECE AND MARIE-CHANTAL MILLERThey were married on 1st July 1995. The bridal gown was created by Valentino and required the collaboration of 25 seamstresses who worked for four months to complete it. The veil, five metres in length, was surmounted by a tiara decorated with butterflies as a good luck token. The couple: the bride is American and the daughter of the duty free business tycoon. The groom, son of ex king Constantine, is related to every Royal family in Europe. The wedding breakfast: a mixture of Greek and American specialities including lobster from Maine and barbequed kid and lamb.


Famous Couples-INFANTA CRISTINA OF BOURBON AND INAKI URDANGARINThey were married on 4th October, 1997. The wedding gown was very simple and designed by the Italian-Spanish stylist, Lorenzo Caprile. On her hair the bride wore an 19th century mantilla held in place by the same tiara which her mother, Sofia, wore at her own wedding. Their first meeting was at the Atlanta Olympics. Inaki and his handball team won the bronze and it was the Infanta, Cristina who presented the team with the medal. Gossip: the king was never seen smiling at his daughter’s wedding. It seems that he was very much against this Basque son-in-law without a single drop of blue blood.


Famous Couples-PHILIP OF BELGIUM AND MATHILDE D’UDEKEM D’ACOZThey were married on 4th December 1999. The twenty-six year old bride, lovely and statuesque ( she is 1.76 m. tall ), comes from one of the oldest and most noble Belgian families. The first of five children, she grew up in Vallonia, and then moved to Brussels where she opened a logopedia centre to help children with speech difficulties. Mathilde met her future husband at a party four years before the wedding. Her dress was in the Snow-white style with a five metre long train and was designed by the Belgian stylist, Edouard Vermeulen. Her veil was the same one that Paula of Belgium, Philip’s mother, wore on her own wedding day. The diamond tiara was the gift of Queen Elizabeth to Astrid of Belgium.


Famous Couples-EMANUELE FILIBERTO OF SAVOIA AND CLOTILDE COURAUIn the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Rome on 25th September 2003 the wedding between the heir of the house of Savoia, Emanuele Filiberto and the French actress, Clotilde Courau took place. A wedding which embraced both originality and tradition, the scenario is the same as that of the marriage ceremony of Emanuele Filiberto’s great grandparents, Vittorio Emanuele III and Queen Elena of Montenegro. There were few “crowned heads” among the couple’s guests but many, many friends. Clotilde entered the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli on her father’s arm. She wore a beautiful imperial style gown with a four metre long veil. The dress, creation of Valentino, was made of white silk georgette and embellished with lace and embroidery and she was accompanied by the notes of the Allegro maestoso by Angelo Corelli. She was beautiful and emotional, with her hand on her paunch and smiled with bright shiny eyes throughout the entire ceremony.


A wedding in a fairy tale setting was held in Madrid in May 2004 in the cathedral De La Almudena. The bride wore a white gown with a high collar, decorated with pearls, silver and gold threads and a four metre long train. The tiara which supported the veil was worn by Queen Sofia on the day of her marriage to Juan Carlos. Her platinum earrings, with ten diamonds were the gift of the King. the bridal couple left the cathedral in a luxurious, armoured Rolls Royce Limousine. The ceremony was transmitted by 160 broadcasters throughout the world and seen on television by one thousand million people. Five thousand journalists covered the story for the world press.


Famous Couples-FREDERICK OF DENMARK AND MARY DONALDSONOn 14th May 2004 Prince Frederick of Denmark and the Australian, Mary Donaldson said “ I do “. The lovely fairy tale of the girl next door could not have had a better ending. Mary, a young, thirty two year old lawyer, born in Tasmania, married Prince Frederick and thus became the first ever Australian to rise to the honour of being in line to the throne. The bride wore a pearl white satin gown with a long veil of Irish lace while the groom wore naval dress uniform for the ceremony which took place in the cathedral of Copenhagen.

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