The Guinness Book of Records

The biggest cake :

4 metres high, 2 wide, made with 120kg. of sugar and decorated with 3 thousand pots of cream: the chef, Gianluca Aresu took 30 hours to make it during a fair in Cagliari on 4th February 2002.

The highest percentage of marriages in the world :

In 1995 the Maldives counted 19,7 per thousand of the population.

The biggest underwater ceremony :

on 22th August 1998 Emily Johnson and Bob Woodberry were married in the waters of Florida with 31 divers underwater.

The record number of weddings :

Linda Lou Essex from Anderson, Indiana (USA): has been married 21 times since 1957, to 15 different men (she divorced from some of them and then re-married them). Her last divorce was in 1988.

The most “repetative” couple :

There are two couples and both are American: Ralph and Patsy Martin from Arizona and Richard and Carole Roble from the State of New York. Both couples were married fifty-one times, every time in a different locality.

The witnesses :

The malay, Ting Ming Siong from Sibu, Sarawak, from January 1976 to April 1991 was witness at 658 weddings.

The largest ceremony

The largest ceremony of collective weddings ever took place on 30th October 1988 in Seoul, capital of South Korea. The seventy year old priest took the whole day, from sunrise to sunset to marry the 6516 young couples who came from 83 different destination. The Incredible event took place inside a car factory in the outskirts of Seoul.

The oldest married couple :

Harry Stevens and Thelma Lucas, 103 and 84 years old, were married on 13th December, 1984 in a rest home in Caravilla, Wisconsin, United States.

The youngest married couple :

Two babies from Bangladesh: the boy, eleven months and the girl, three months, their families united them in matrimony to put an end to a twenty year feud over the ownership of a farm.

The oldest Bride :

Minnie Munro, an Australian, was 102 years old when on 31st May 1991, she married eighty-three year old Dundley Reid.

The longest Engagement :

Mexicans, Octavio Guillen and Adriana Martinez were married at the age of 82 in 1969 after a 67 year engagement.

The longest marriage :

It lasted 86 years and united Temulji Bichaji Nariman and his cousin from 1853 to 1940. the couple were married when they were both only five years old. The man, born on 3rd September 1848, died in August 1940 in Bombay, India, at the age of 91 years and 11 months.

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