Matrimony with aromas

Matrimony with aromas-aroma of resinsIn ancient times the most important ceremonies were accompanied by the aroma of resins, woods, herbs, flowers and spices which were burnt like incense. In the Orient, temples are filled with rose petals to facilitate the opening of faithful hearts. These were not primitive rituals or superstitions: today it has be demonstrated that odours are capable of blocking or evoking memories better than images or melodies because they reach directly the part of the brain which houses the emotions. Natural perfumes directly influence mood, mental activity and behaviour and thanks to aromatherapy, which studies the therapeutic properties of essences, one can learn to use the perfume of plants and flowers to obtain the desired effects.

Matrimony with aromas-The Lampada di AladinoThe Lampada di Aladino, if you so desire, will try to find the perfect aroma to personalize and make your wedding ceremony special and unique. Why not use all the power of flowers and their fragrance to make the occasion unforgettable and spread a sense of serenity among the guests? At weddings, the flowers are admired not only for their appearance.

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