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The Lampada di Aladino organizesEach of our receptions is a genuine masterpiece, like an "haute couture" gown, unique, made to measure to create a singularly special event.

We personalize and attend to the settings for the receptions, integrating them into the location in which they take place.

Our consultants will propose all those features which create the right atmosphere, and will attend to every particular regarding your wedding with the utmost professionalism.

It is the details which make a splendid wedding an unforgettable event.

We offer impeccable services at transparent prices.

Our role is to transform your dream into reality keeping within the limits of your budget.

The Lampada di Aladino, if you so wish, will personalize your wedding with an aroma, finding just the right one to make your ceremony special and unique.

You will have a true matrimony with aroma which will be remembered not only through sounds and images but also for a particular odour.

Here is just an example:

HISTORICAL WEDDING HISTORICAL WEDDING: The time machine will take youback to the 16th century. The wedding procession will pass through the narrow streets of a village among acrobats, minstrels and flag-waving performers dressed in period costumes.

MAGNA GRECIA (Matrimony Ancient Greece style): The marriage rite will be celebrated under the stars in the imposing, unforgettable archeological site of the Greek temples of Paestum, to the sound of harps.

AMALFITAN FOLLY: Matrimony on the Amalfi Coast at Amalfi, Positano, Conca dei Marini or Ravello, among flowers, parfumes and tastes of the Mediterranean, gladdened by the melodies of the music and voices of the 18th century Naples, and in conclusion a spectacular firework display from the sea.

MATRIMONY SARACEN STYLEMATRIMONY SARACEN STYLE: Among the Coast of Amalfi in the 9th century Saracens from North Africa landed and sacked and plundered the villages. You will re-live that atmosphere to the rhythm of drums and with the Saracens who arrive from the sea.

MATRIMONY MARINE STYLE: On a splendid boat, a fairy tale wedding will be celebrated somewhere between the exclusive island of Capri and the Amalfi Coast.

The Lampada di Aladino can arrange any other kind of wedding as long as the local authorities permit.

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