Virtual Marriages

Some weddings may be considered absurd: Virtual ceremonies which can be celebrated gratis without even having to leave the monitor of your computer, wherever you happen to be at the time.

A wedding with guests, the ceremony, and even fireworks. A love story celebrated to the tune of "bits" in the multi-media universe of the internet. Anything is possible, even the absurd. ...

Miracle or hallucination from the web? Perhaps in the age of the Internet, Romeo and Juliet would also have sat in front the keyboard of a computer and transformed their dream into "virtuality" in the colourful hmtl. language. Married "on line" as it were. Every kind of love story can be celebrated virtually on the net (but with no legal value) including those considered non-traditional, to spite every pre-conception.

In short, it is possible to organize a virtual wedding: fix the date and time for the wedding and, if you wish to spend a little, you even buy the wedding rings.

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